Constitutional law and administrative law (part 1)

Part 1: Definition of Constitution

Constitution, the basic law of a state

The Constitution is aligned to the fundamental decisions of the social and political order. Constitution law enshrines the basic political will and provides the means to enforce it. It is not the idea of the constitution to fix every detail of the political order. The constitution merely reflects in general terms the will of a state.        

Modern constitution must acknowledge inviolable and inalienable human rights and beings fundamental to every community. According to these requirements, every constitution must provision a declaration of human rights, which is binding on the legislative, executive and judicial organs. Undoubtedly, a constitution can only fulfil its function as the legitimation of political order if it is superior to all other state actions and activities. With the superiority of the Constitution the very old tension between power and law was decided in favor of the law.


  • To be impressed: được định bởi
  • To call for: Hướng tới
  • Structure: Cấu trúc
  • To be aligned: được đặt ra
  • To enshrine: gìn giữ
  • Provision: qui định
  • Tension: Căng thẳng
  • Binding: trói buộc
  • Acknowledge: công nhận