Constitutional law and administrative law (part 3)

Part 3: Fundamental rights and Immunities of Citizens

Principles of basis rights under Vietnamese Constitution

The Vietnamese Constitution of 1992 constitute a system of value and rights proclaiming the principle of human rights protection. Article 50 of the Constitution provides that:

In the Socialist Republic of Vietnam human rights in the political, civil, economic, cultural and social fields are respected. They are embodied in the citizen’s rights and are determined by the Constitution and the law.

The citizen’s rights are inseparable from his duties. Article 51 says: The State guarantees the rights of the citizen must fulfill his duties to the State and society.

The citizen’s rights and duties are determined by the Constitution and the Law. Among these rights were the right to participate in the administration of the State and management of Society, own property, carry out technical and scientific research, enjoy freedom of opinion and speech, enjoy freedom of belief and religion, freedom of movement and residence within the country, assemble, form associations and hold demonstrations in accordance with the respect of the law.


  • Proclaim: tuyên bố
  • Embody: thể hiện
  • Citizen rights: quyền công dân
  • Duties: bổn phận
  • Freedom: tự do
  • Freedom: quyền tự do
  • Own property: quyền tư hữu